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  • We have a few behaviors that handle time, Ease Tween, Event List, and Duration.

    What would be nice is the ability to create a named timer at run time so that you could have several different actions at any given time.

    Event list, and Duration are set up to do this, however, they lack triggers for picking individual instances, such as on "this named timer" start, or "that named timer" end of wait, and "foo named timer" end.

    All of that can be accomplished using Ease Tween, and a Boolean comparison, but that complicates things quite a bit..

    Any takers, thoughts?

  • Yeap, for a feature like a timer, which seems like something a lot of games will need. There should be a behavior plug-n-play and easy to access for everyone.

  • newt

    Duration could create and manage many one-shot timer in this behavior.

  • rexrainbow

    Yes it does, but it has only one trigger.

    Whats needed is, on start, on end of wait, and on end as well.

    Much like the Ease Tween behavior.

  • newt

    Duration behavior need to connect with function plugin and it could assign 3 kinds of callback

    • on start
    • on interval
    • on end

    It means that duration behavior will call function when timer started, and ended.

    See the sample in it's thread.

  • newt

    Maybe user likes dedicate condition in Timer/Duration behavior.

  • Yeah the extra conditions/triggers are needed to pick the instance the timer belongs to.

  • newt

    Hum... I will think this requirement, thanks.

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  • Maybe my Time manager can do that for you?

    You can create how many timer instances as you want, and it has couple of triggers such as "Is counter paused?", "Is counter finished?", "Is counter running?", "Is counter stopped?" and "Check counter value".

    "Check counter value" trigger you can compare the current time/timer value if its equal, not equal, more or less than a given value.

    These events/triggers can maybe give you more enough timer behavior functionality that you need?

  • Well the issue with that is picking.

    Its fine for a single instance, or if you want every instance to use that event, but if you have multiple instances, that you want to be able to use different events then you will have to have some way to pick individual instances.

  • Every instance has its own label, a string based name to tell them apart. And all triggers/behaviors are based to check on individual timers, the label name.

    So you do check on each individual instance, not on all of them at the same time.

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