Timeframe for EXE exporter?

  • My opinion is that HTML5 is better than EXE

    because it is more secure , will be native ( i think ) , Will run on all browser (i hope), and do not need to be downloaded , but this technology is not stable for every browser i think we need to wait a little before publishing the EXE because i am sure that soon the html5 will be popular and the EXE will not be used alot

    So continue Ashley on working on the HTML5 and when you finish think about the EXE

  • Hey just my 2p here,

    very much agree with edwoodgrant. While there's nothing inherently wrong with HTML5, the commercial market is just not there yet. Partly because of lacking browser support (this will of course change in the future), partly because of lacking distribution models (this will also most probably change in the future).

    That being said, an .exe wrapper isn't really all that difficult to code. I can probably look into that and use something like awesomium if theres enough interest.


  • Ouch. I can't quote anything, but I remember that quite some time ago (long before the site's new design anyway) it was relatively certain that there was going to be an EXE exporter. This, plus the polish of the product, were the main reasons why I had a great interest in C2. While I understand that HTML5 is a very interesting platform, I don't find it to be interesting at all for developing games other than simple browser based games. Why would you want to play anything but simple games in a browser anyway? I find all arguments involving that using EXE's is difficult to be false. If you can read, you can use EXE's. It is as simple as that. Period.

    Maybe I'm a bit harsh on that side, but I have very strong opinions on this. If we're talking about game development, you need an EXE exporter.

    Anyway, I will keep following the C2 developtment, but I won't be going for the early-adopter thing if I'm not even sure I will find this tool to be useful for what I'm aiming for.

    It's quite alright though. I'll just go back to using Construct Classic and Game Maker 8.1, both very solid products.

  • Keep in mind the only real commitment that's been made is to finish html5.

    That in and of itself is a huge undertaking for one person. Then you have to take into account that html5 is constantly evolving across the browsers, and "finished" is going to be subjective for that reason.

  • Keep in mind the only real commitment that's been made is to finish html5.

    That in and of itself is a huge undertaking for one person. Then you have to take into account that html5 is constantly evolving across the browsers, and "finished" is going to be subjective for that reason.

    Absolutely. That's also why I find the focus on HTML5 to be a rather strange decision. While the platform is definitely interesting (and at the time in no way, shape or form a replacement of desktop games/apps), it just doesn't seem mature enough at the moment.

  • Just to chime in here, I would really love to see an .exe exporter. Me and a few mates of mine recently decided to work on a last year project, and we have a set of very talented musicians and film editors working on the project. I'm concerned about the bandwith issues with HTML and we've only recently started and our Audio folder is about 120MB and our Video folder is about 350mb. Though the files are uncompressed yet, we're predicting that the size will still expand rather rapidly. What do you propose would be an alternative solution for large size projects?

  • I haven't followed this thread so Im not sure if this has been brought up.


    Im sure something like this will exist soon where you can make an HTML5 thing and then export it to DMG and EXE. That would be awesome.

  • ... and the EXE will not be used alot

    Might I point out how incredibly unlikely this is? This may be possible for small casual games, but this simply will never happen for big titles.

    Why is there so much talk about EXE's as if they're some archaic and unstable kind of technology? Aren't most of us above-average computer users who should know better than that?

    The only use for HTML5 I see is a replacement for Flash. That is something that I would love to see, since Flash is the very bane of the internet. For bigger titles it does not seem even remotely interesting.

  • Mammoth thats what I was talking about earlier. I'll probably attempt writing a simple wrapper using the awesomium framework (http://awesomium.com/) some time this week.

    Also, filesize is a legit concern...


  • ^^^ That sounds cool. Frankly C2 is the best 2D engine out there I would rather make a game in that and export it to DMG or EXE.

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  • Awesomium may not be the best option since last time i looked it added 30MB of size to exe.

  • Did it? Never really looked into it all that much, was just the first thing that popped into mind. What would you use instead?


  • , any method to wrap a HTML5 app in an EXE is likely to add a lot to the filesize, since it basically has to contain an entire browser.

    I fear this thread is going in circles - I've written a lot of discussion already on this thread so I'm not going to say any more, just that you should make sure you've read the entire thread.

    I've also always encouraged people to use EXE wrappers themselves, since it ought to be straightforward. As I said before other than Steam I can't see the point, but if you want to you can. I did also try contacting Awesomium myself in case it was straightforward to make an official wrapper, but they don't seem to have got back to me which is disappointing. So let me know if any of the other wrappers work well for you!

  • I hope someone does the Awesomium thing, for large projects 30mb isn't that much difference.

  • Awesomium it is then!

    I've just given it a go and all seems to be running fairly smooth actually (wrapping a really simple project that is). Anyhow, I'm gonna give it a go sometime this week and try to write a wrapper for you guys. Stay tuned!


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