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  • I played with the 2d arrays and realized how time-consuming task it really is. For an example, when I want to initialize the array, I have to set one element to array and repeat until I'm done. It means opening the array entry window, setting indexes, setting value, closing it, re-opening entry window, so on.

    Now, that won't be bad if I'm working with small initial data but what if I want to do something big, that'll be very time-consuming task. Also, if the event sheet gets long (with multiple array sets), the construct client will be sluggish slow for me to scroll through it.

    I'm wondering if there is an better way to deal with this issue?

    --- if not;

    It would be nice if there are two versions of the array entry windows - individual or table. Like if I open the array, it'll show the individual (same thing you do now) with the option "Change to Table" (like spreadsheet table) so I can enter data more easily and all at once, and it won't take up a lot rows in the sheet. (Though I imagine that might be problematic with 3d arrays, dunno how to visualize that easy for users. But I'm just working with 2d arrays.) Only suggestion.

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  • are you sure there's not some mathematical way to loop through and add the data?   what type of data are you trying to store?

    if not.. i think rojohound might have made an array editor at one point....not sure though, so you might try searching the forums for that

  • C2 needs an array editor in C2 itself so you can set up array's initial values easily. It could do saving and loading to disk, but that's generally a bit trickier in a browser. Some kind of solution for this is on the todo list!

    What do you need to set up a big array for, though? If it's some way of displaying a tilemap from an array, you could just (wait for snap to grid and) set it up in the layout editor.

  • I know what you mean, Aindra.

    lucid - there are certain types of data you just can't assign through a loop. For instance, I was making a name generator (where each coordinate is given a string for a syllable, such as "Jo" or "hn") and you pretty much have to do it Aindra's way.

    It would be amazing to have a spreadsheet-like initialisation event.

    Edit: That would be awesome, Ash!

  • Lucid

    I think you may be in wrong place again. :P This is construct 2, and the plugin you spoke of is made for classic.


    It's the gift system, so the array holds list of the NPC and their "like" points for every item ID. It's a concept test so I'm not doing anything big for array, at least, until I decide to do it for real.

    That would be beautiful when you introduce the editor eventually!

  • bump for "tiled array" editor <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Bump for array editor.

  • You can make your own in 10 minutes.

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