Tilemap zoom less than x1?

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  • I guess this is a suggestion since the answer seems pretty self evident. I'm working with a Tilemap object with big tiles (512x512 px), and while the editor lets you adjust the tilemap's zoom to up to x8 to more easily work with small tiles, it unfortunately doesn't seem to have an option to go below x1, like say x0.5, which would be really helpful in this case. If this feature exists please tell me, if it doesn't please add (and then tell me, lol).

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  • If you plan to do a minimap, it's better you use a new version of tiles suited to that than trying to minimize your normal tiles.

    Look at the current popular games that have minimaps and you will realize that's what they do.

    Otherwise, it's more faster to simply resize it on your own in your favorite image editor where you can adjust for taste rather than depend on the in-game algorithm where the automated results will not be to your liking.

  • Not a minimap, I want to keep the actual size of the tiles, it's just that when working with a tilemap this large it gets tedious scrolling back and forth in the editor window to select the appropriate tile to place. If I could zoom out in the tile selection window it'd be a lot more convenient.

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