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  • I am currently making a game which depends largely on tile maps.

    If I made a tile object in a wrong position,I would have to delete the whole object(Remove the tiles and then make it again).

    I would love to have a feature where tiles can be cut,pasted and drag and dropped.Is it possible Ashley?

  • There is an eraser up there next to the pen tool.

  • know.

    For example,I have grass tiles and I made two grass areas with my tilemap object.So if I am to move a grass area,I would have to 'erase' it and 'draw' it again. It would be so nice to be able to make a selection and drag and drop parts of tilemaps to others or within it etc.

  • How would that work exactly?

    A selection box in the layout?

  • newt

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/260388836/My/Capture.PNG" border="0" />

    As you can see,I have 3 structures in the tile map.

    If I wanted to move one,I would have to erase that one completely and tile it again.That's what I meant

    So I suggest a "tilemap selection".Just like the MS paint,where you select parts of the image and drag and drop it.

  • If there is going to be a repeating pattern, I like to set it up on the image I used for the tiles.

    That way you can use the selection box that already exists.

  • I think he wants to move already placed tiles on layout to different position - no matter what pattern there is.

    And that's not a bad idea. I was in that situation when I have all tiles nicely placed on layout and realize I need some more tiles on top. And there is no workaround. You have to manually resize tilemap and replace them all one by one (or use pattern if you can). You can resize it down and to the right but would be nice to be able to stretch it up and left as well.

  • Consider using Tiled - an external editor with lots more features - and importing your TMX files to Construct 2 from there.

  • Can you do that with Tiled map editor?

    If so, that should be a decent solution.

    Otherwise you're looking at adding something new to the layout editor which is always iffy imo.

    I know you can select multiple objects in the layout as is, however you never know how well one implementation will work with another.

  • This is a fairly common and EXTREMELY useful feature that's been requested in the past. Not only does it allow you to "shift" large portions of the map, but lets you make complex patterns to be placed elsewhere and generally speeds up the entire tile-laying process as you don't have to move the cursor all the way to the tileset just to change tiles - you can pick up nearby ones. Suggesting you export your tilemap to an entirely different program, make one change, then import it back into C2, is pretty silly!

    Also instead of select,copy,paste,etc. it'd be quicker to have a tool where you click+drag to "pick up" the tiles and when you un-click it switches to the draw tool.

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  • As someone who's been intimately using Tiled for the last 8 months, I can safely say it's really the best solution (though it's not without flaw). It would be great if C2 offered all the features of Tiled and more for its mapping solution, but it's not likely to happen any time soon.

    If you want to make a more advanced game, use Tiled.

  • Er, well, as far as tilemap features Tiled offers a bit more, but C2's layout editor is significantly more powerful as a whole.

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