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  • I absolutely love the tilemap editor in C2, but I'd love to see more features to it (so I could stop having to use other 3rd party software only to set the tiles since I already paint them somewhere else).

    I'd love to see:

    • A "pick tile" button that would work like a pick color option in the image editor, so you can pick a tile that is already in place to have it in your brush;
    • A "select tiles" button that would allow you to select some tiles and use them as your brush (directly in the object and not in the tilemap bar altough it already does something similar)

    Sorry if there's something like this already, I couldn't figure it out and the keyboard shortcuts page doesn't mention any shortcuts that do this..


  • 1) Already implemented. Hold shift and right click.

    2) I've been trying to get this feature for literally over a year. All I ever get is shit from other devs and everyone telling me to switch to Tiled because they've never actually used it for large-scale games, don't know how incompatible with C2 it is, and don't account for all the layout editor features that would be sacrificed. That, or suggesting I import .tmx files into the Tilemap object which is a poor temporary workaround at best. What's funny is it's just an extension of the feature in your first request. Seems like it wouldn't be very difficult to add at this point.

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  • Tokinsom

    I tried shift+right-click and it worked, but only on certain tiles. Maybe it's a bug? I think it has to do with the tiles rotation... I'll try to report it but thanks for the heads up!

    And yeah, it really sucks having to use 3rd party tools for that. I tried using Tiled a few times but I think it's unnecessarily complicated. C2 tilemap object is pretty easy to use but I lose so much time having to pick the tiles manually from the bar.

    I'm actually using another tool now called Pyxel Edit which is pretty good but it only exports to .json/.txt/.xml and so I can't import the tilemap into C2, and still I would have to manually change a few things later so it wouldn't matter anyway..

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