Tilemap quality-of-life changes

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  • Newt, why would any of the features in question be 'not doable' in C2? How does the GUI Lib issue relate to this?

  • Well I don't know, but from the discussions had on the inability to make it so users can add custom sections to the editor, and the fact that none of the other sections other than the layout editor have a zoom, I would say its a good guess.

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  • Zoom would be nice, but like I said earlier if we can pick up previously-placed tiles (the important feature) then we can just use the usual layout zoom and go from there. Not the ideal solution but it helps.

  • I'm a little shocked we can't do that currently -- it seems like such a basic, easy-to-implement feature that is important on so many levels.

  • It seems like Tokinsom is upset about this tilemap workflow. Maybe he doesn't understand what's the workaround, besides I don't know what are the problems.

    He talks about loading tilemaps in runtime and zoom, correct?

    Load tilemap is supposed to save as JSON from own editor, then create object according the properties.

    Use layer for tilemap is supposed to be zoom in or zoom out, I don't see a big deal there.

    Basically, don't try to think about one click solution, sometimes we use tricks to solve the problems, I'm ended up with tilemap workflow:

    One tile map as world instead of levels, it would have designed better. There a ! sign tile is supposed to do rotate or mirror tiles in runtime. The levels are made with Tiled, maybe if I would build own map editor for tilemap is designed for C2.

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