Tilemap quality-of-life changes

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  • Ruskul The layouts were tiny. I know C2's limits quite well. The problem was that we had to use sprite objects as tiles back then, so we'd have hundreds if not thousands of those scattered around.

    Prominent So what? C2 has a vastly superior integrated WYSIWYG editor that is far more versatile to boot. Just because we can opt to use Tiled doesn't mean similar functionality in C2 should be blown off. Ruskul makes some good points there in terms of work flow, debugging, and so on.

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  • In Windows hit the start button, type in the search bar "magnifier".

    You're welcome.

  • Tokinsom , Ashley has already stated that he doesn't want to expand features of the tools if there are other tools available that can do the job. What I'd imagine being a solution to this, is have a button that reloads the tmx data whenever you make a change to it, so that you don't have to browse for the file and then pick the layer in the tmx file everytime you make a change. Even better if it were done automatically if changes made.

    This would solve the workflow/debugging issue without resorting to creating new features for a map editor.

  • Prominent What Ashley said was mostly regarding the image editor. You're suggesting we sacrifice dozens of features and C2's entire layout editor for ONE NEW FEATURE. Come on, man. On top of everything said in this thread, you also need to hard-code every single object and tilemap creation and property if using Tiled since C2 does not provide adequate features for using external or custom editors. I've done it before many times and I'm not doing it again. So for the last time, I'm not f*cking using Tiled, and I don't recommend others use it either.

  • Tokinsom , I'm just exploring some alternative solutions that could be useful. Some people may need to use Tiled, and a way to update the tilemap in construct more fluidly would help. No need to get sensitive about what ought to be done- Ashley makes that decision, so until we hear from him, all this is is an open discussion.

  • newt lol, but is that really that handy in comparison to a built in feature

  • So for the last time, I'm not f*cking using Tiled, and I don't recommend others use it either.

    Yup, I'm with you.

    but unfortunately Ashley did said that about tilemap, and also said that "we should use Tiled for editing tiles" - which for me is total bollocks.

    We already have quite good tile editor in C2, all we need is few more options. There is no point in using external editor, especially if you only using it to place some tiles!

    ...It's like using photoshop (or any other) just to draw a simple one colored square instead of built in Image Editor.

  • shinkan , it's about resource management- it doesn't make sense spending time developing features for a tilemap editor when there are already tilemap editors that provide all those features and more. The best solution would be to make the process between them more seamless- making the tilemap instance's data update automatically whenever the tmx file changes outside the project, or something like that.

  • Ruskul

    Its not bad with it in docked mode.

  • Prominent Well, he already did, so it's a bit late for that argument. Ashley made the decision to add the tilemap object by popular demand, but unfortunately left out some of the most important features. We're simply asking for him to finish the job.

    As far as I'm concerned the ability to import .tmx files into tilemap objects was the result of laziness, and introduced -bar none- the most cumbersome, inefficient, and awkward workflow I have ever seen. It would make sense if we very rarely had to do it because of some extreme feature that Tiled has and C2 doesn't, but that is not the case.

    Anyway, I'm done arguing about it. We're just asking for a few small additions that won't interfere with anything or take up an extraordinary amount of time. It baffles me how adamant you are to object features that won't affect you in any way.

  • Tokinsom , I'd like to see an option/feature for Tilemap instances to auto-update if tmx files change is all I'm saying really.. It would help my workflow.

    What's wrong with wanting that?

  • Nobody is trying to keep features from being added. We're all just dancing around the fact that if its not already in, then at this point in time it may not be doable in C2.

    Sadly the gui lib issue has struck again. It killed open source CC, and has hobbled C2.

    You can either work around that, or do whatever this is.

  • Prominent So make a new thread requesting it! How the hell does bashing our requests and endlessly arguing against them going to help you get yours? It's not like either of them is going to take some extraordinary amount of time and effort and cancel each other out.

  • Tokinsom , I'm not sure what you're talking about, but if it matters that much you can always contact people directly if you don't want outside opinions or feedback. Getting everyone on the same page is usually impossible. So I'm not really sure how to respond to that.

  • I'm a bit late to this, but I have been following this thread and others before regarding the mentioned issues with using tilemaps while maintaining a reasonable workflow. I have to agree with Tokinsom and 7Soul, the current state of C2 is very cumbersome when it comes to creating your actual levels from tilemaps.

    As someone who recently tried to make an editor to sort of circumvent the issue, only to realize how the RAM usage blew up, I have to totally +1 the request for the aforementioned improvements.

    Would love to have any official word on this from Ashley.

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