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  • Hi,

    I don't seem to find the action "Load image from URL" for tilemaps, which exists for both sprites and tiled backgrounds. Is there a reason why it's missing for tilemaps?

    I'm looking into moving most of the graphics of my Node-WebKit game into external files in order to make it easier for me and the players to create custom mods and content. The best solution I've come up with (in theory) is to create a lot of blank sprites and tilesets and then use "Load image from URL" to load the graphics on the fly from external files. Or is there some other way to do this?

  • Create 5 tilemap objects is that you give limit of tilemaps.

    Then export the game and edit tilemap in Image folders, editing tilemap should follow the rules like each tile is 32 x32.

    Open Node-webkit and select tilemap which tilemap has been edited.

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  • Thanks for the advice. The problem is that I need more flexibility to load multiple files from custom folders, but I think I'll be able to do this using Node-WebKit's ReadFile().

    The problem is that I really need to be able to load the graphics of Tilemaps through events, so I really miss "Load image from URL" for Tilemaps.

    As an alternative, I experimented with generating custom tilemaps of small areas on a canvas using Javascript, and then load the resulting image on large Sprite objects. This would be no problem memory wise as all content is procedurally generated on the fly, but it somehow was much slower than using the built-in Tilemap object. This was partly because I needed to convert the canvas to a data URL before loading it into a Sprite.

  • You should forget about flexibility, use hack tricks.

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