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  • Ashley

    I'll be quick,

    How about adding a (Set at Tile Number) to the Tile map expressions.


    Like say you want to change tile 20 in the tilemap

    And you've already got the value of 20.

    You would use (Set at Tile number) to change tile 20's value to the value you want.

    I'm using Construct 2 btw thanks :) if there is a plugin that does this please let me know.

  • There's already an action for this in the tilemap object:

  • I already know about that.

    What I'm saying is a feature where you already know which tile you want to change without outside data and all you want to do is change that tile.

    Say you got

    1 2 3

    4 5 6

    7 8 9

    You already know you want to change 5 so instead of saying MOUSE.X MOUSE.Y BLAH BLAH complex system follows.

    You have set tile at tile 5 to - tile 2 Simple

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  • There's no way to do that quicky with any kind of software.

    Imagine you have a word document (or even notepad). Each line has a random number, and linse go up to 1000. If you wanted to replace all the 5s in the file, you'd use "search and replace", right? What it does is that it goes through every line checking for a 5. If it finds one, he replaces it, but it doesn't directly go to where 5's are magically and change them.

    Tilemap data is the same, it's just text. Even if there was an easy action to be able to change a tile like that, it would still have to check every other tile to make sure there are no 5s, and it would be the same as you yourself making a loop event that goes through all your tilemap checking for 5s.

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