Tile problem after Exporting.

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  • Hi Guys, I recently exported a few level prototype to my game to a temporary website so I could have a couple friends try it out. While playing through construct 2. The tiles seem tight with no gaps. But after exporting and opening the link from a browser. All my ground tiles have a small space. So it looks like you can still see a grid. I have checked in construct 2 and everything is tight and touching. Anyone know what would cause this?

  • Are you using a tilemap? If so, then the problem is most likely the scaling of the game to the canvas. Is "Seamless mode" set to "On" in the tilemap's properties?

  • I am not using a tile map The ground is built out of sprites that i have made. and sized to 128 x 128

  • This is how it looks as I run it from Construct 2 before exporting.

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  • Looks like the float point rendering issue. Try changing your settings to letterbox integer scale, point sampling, and pixel rounding. Or you could put a 1 px overlap in the sprites.

    Honestly, in your situation, you should probably be using tilemap rather then sprites though.

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