Tile Maps and their creation

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  • I have been looking at what a tile map is and how to make them but I just don't get it.

    What exactly is a tile map?

    why do you create them?

    how do you create them?

    Is it a layered thing?

    Please forgive my great ignorance.. and thank you for the help

  • A tilemap, outside of the context of C2, is an image that you can devide in shapes of fixed size, in each shapes, you have a tile, which represent something (there may be a more precise definition).

    Basically, it is fine for multiple reasons:

    -potentially less memory being used (as the entire map is loaded in memory, rather than each tile separately)

    -less file, and so less request to files (minor but I guess still nice to have.), and some tools helps you using them (like in RPG maker, where you can simply tile your world with a tilemap, or in C2 with the tilemap object).

    In the context of C2, the tilemap object:

    -helps placing tile of a given tilemap object easily in the layout view

    -benefits from some optimisations to prevent it from being too heavy performance wise (for exemple, what is offscreen enough is not even checked to be rendered)

    To import a tilemap in C2 (only tilemap based on rectangular shapes are supported), you need to create a tilemap object, set its texture to the tilemap you want, and then configure the size of each tile.

    More infos should be here:


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  • Thank you very much!

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