Tile Map Capability (Basic/ Advanced) Anyone???

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  • Hey Scirra Team,

    I've read some posts back in November where Ashley even agreed that eventually more editing features would be nice but he felt it was more important to first prioritize families and other features that seemed to take more presidence at that moment. While I agreed with the action at the time, now looking into the subject again with ALL the MANY updates constantly being applied do you think a few geared towards improving tile map editing could be done. It would be nice to stream line games and with this for instance tower defence games could be made in minutes with a more improved system that is. It would really be nice to see some added tile map editing features! I personally would like to see a feature where I could place my graphics and then go over them labeling them solid, etc. I am sure that I am not the only person would would like to see more advanced tile map feature support even beyond what I mentioned.

    Anyways just a friendly thought,

    Have a great day and keep up the awesome work guys!


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  • True, many of us will like to have that feature, like a specific function for tile map where you can place your map then the objects then the waypoints etc etc.. but i have read before regarding this suggested-capability (try to search thru the forums im sure there is), and if you search too in this forum, on grid movements, by which there IS an example of grids which is IMO is the same as tiles.

    Refering to the example, you can make your own tilemap with Construct. and btw i myself am creating a topdown view Action turn-based game. And it will be mostly dependent on tiles cuz alot of things that the player will be interacting are tiles ! hahhaha.. but really, try to search on grid movements and you can move forward from there.. just need to do a bit tweaking and adding ons, and it will be a success im sure :)

  • In my opinion, the best tile map system is from RPG Maker XP. It has so many features and it's so easy to use. Might be worthy to take that as an example when making a tile map system. It also has something called Auto-tiles which are reaaaaly cool and it adds a lot of beauty to the maps. Another cool feature is that you can also link sounds to certain tiles, this is awesome for SFX, for example, steps on different types of grounds. Not only that, but you can also set "passability", where you can decide if a tile is solid, not solid, or it's always on top of other sprites and you can also pick in which direction the tile is solid or not.

  • A quick information for plugin makers (since I have other plugins in the cooking) : for those who want to add a TMX plugin, you can use code from MelonJS (https://github.com/obiot/melonJS/tree/master/src/level)

  • Pode

    Thanks. BTW, does it have legal issue?

  • rexrainbow : melonJS is MIT licensed, which is not very restrictive (one of the thing you can't do is restrict the rights of people using what's under the license, so you can go ! <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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