Thinking of buying license from here instead of Steam, but..

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  • I'm thinking of buying a personal license from here instead of Steam, but I heard that the steam version comes with some 3rd party mods already built-in.

    Is there an easy way to install all the same mods from the steam version? Would I have to install them all one by one, and if so, is there a list somewhere of the mods that come with steam? (Or are they literally ALL in it?)

    Also, is it easy to install mods?

  • If you browse the forum enough you will see that buying straight from this website is the better choice, even considering the 3rd party plugin factor.

  • I already found threads about what you're referring to, but most complaints are from 2013 and most of the more recent posts say "it's better now" about the steam version problems.

    That said, I'd like answers to my original post. But thanks anyway.

    EDIT: And yeah, I meant plug-ins when I said mods... same thing I think. ^^'

  • 3rd part non-official plugins are posted in the "Extending Construct 2" forum.

    As far as I'm aware, no non-official addon is provided with Construct2 (either standalone or Steam version).

  • I got steam and scirra versions. No 3rd party plugins in steam version - trust me, that would not be a good thing. I use steam strictly for plugins now (testing)... because it going to crash anyways - lol

    Buy from scirra, you won't regret it. Steam you just might regret it.

  • Thanks a lot!

    Following your link I found that list here scirra(dot)com/forum/c2-plugins-and-behaviors-list_t65170 (your topic actually) and, just with a quick look, I'm pretty sure I recognize at least some behaviours from the steam free version, such as Turret and zig zag, which makes me think there's probably many that are already in the steam version.

    It seems that list was posted in 2011, is it being updated via edits when there's new ones to stay up to date? (If so, I could just install them all and I'd be sure to have all the ones steam has).

    EDIT: sorry for the "link", I'm not allowed to post links yet.

    EDIT2: hum, okay, maybe I'm mistaking about them being already in (weird, then what are the other turret and zig zag behaviours that are already in? and then why make a plug-in..), but my question about -- if the list I linked is up to date still stands. =)

  • I wouldn't have to ask that if the forum was saying something like "edited on X(date)" at the end of posts..

    Sorry if it seems obvious, but I just want to make sure before I purchase.

  • Forum TL;DR: get the non-steam version here on the site.

  • Went to the Steam site recently to check out what's new there. was going to log in but somehow my passwords changed, so I hit the reset password thing, and it told me I had to install Steam to do that. That reminded me of why I uninstalled it before.....

  • I would advise you to buy your a personal license here and not steam. I would not trust steam further more better to buy from here. In the end it's your choice and yours only.

  • You shouldn't be getting any third-party plugins with the Steam install. You'll get the main install file from either this site or Steam. All extras are downloaded by you, on your own time. The only reason you would want to buy it on Steam is so that you can see how many hours you have spent inside Construct 2. If that is important to you and you don't care about adding a middleman onto your purchase, than by all means, Steam is the way to go.

  • i personally think that steam is annoying cuz everytime you need to use scirra, you need to startup steam, load some stuffs, wait dunno for what just to start your scirra thing.

    if you buy from this site, you just 1 click your desktop shortcut to scirra and everything is out. and when you dun like steam anymore and want to uninstall steam, you can't cuz you have your scirra in steam.

    and is it just me or is scirra license getting more and more expensive...(pardon if not, i have

    got a very bad memory.)

  • I remember only one increase of theprice of the scirra license, after that it did only increase for the $ devise once, and that was because of the evolution of the ratios between those currencies, so it was a virtual increase, unless there are other increases I did not saw.

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  • So, I ended up buying the non-steam version license. ^_^

  • Welcome to the club! Too bad there's no exclusive area like Reddit's r/lounge. ;D

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