Thing I wanna know about Construct2030jam

    HI I have few questions about the contest:

    1) Who are the jury who will select the games?

    2) Can I Tom or Ashley to view my game?

    3) Can I add additional tag to my contruct2030jam tag?

    4) How comes other get higher view than me and a couples of guys?

    please respond and thanks

    not answering these questions either means you are too selfish to answer them or you are uninformed about it. Thanks anyway

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    You've already been warned about the nature of the forums and the nature of people participating in the forums.

    Also there is a thread where to post questions in relation to the jam that would possibly gather more attention to your questions, and possibly could help you get some answer.

    Venting about "selfishness" or ignorance does not help.

    As far as it goes, I personally know the answer to question 1 the jury is made from people from Newgrounds. I don't know exactly who they are, and I don't really care either.

    Your question 2 doesn't even make sense in English, it's lacking a few words I think.

    Question 3 I don't know the answer. I'd guess you could, but it would be a perfect question for the topic linked earlier that would have been the better place in the first place where to ask.

    Question 4: better games draw more traffic. Also people have networks to bring more people to view their games, I guess. It's like asking why AAA games draw more buys than indy titles tbh. Marketing, networks, notoriety and some quality degree.

    Nevertheless, locking this topic, ask your questions in the relevant topic, and next time you get impatient or vent again because no one answers your posts, it might be a ban as I'm getting tired of your childish/self-entitled attitude. In another topic of the same sort, you've already had to apologize because of your hastiness.

    Try to not have to apologize and just be patient and wary of where and what you are posting. Once again, it is not because you post that you are entitled to an answer.

    Also posting a sunday evening your post does not get attention and then gets drowned by the other amount of posts/threads posted.

    If you are ignorant about the good posting methods, don't blame the forums users, blame yourself.

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