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  • Hi folks,

    After loosing the code I wrote for the Contruct2 screensaver project (Orignal Post) I decided this week to start it over again...

    Well its been an interesting few days of creative madness and it's now evolved into a completely new beast!

    thewebscreensaver as iv'e titled it has become something I never originally intended but on review it's now something I think has good potential.

    You can grab yourself a copy - Freely,

    Please any feedback good or bad, bugs or criticism do let me know..

    PS. I've also been thinking about adding a section in where devs can upload there own content (Us and our projects?! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">) and allow users to set there screensaver as your creations! What do you think?



  • Really nice feature:-D

    I guess some people will use it. Good Job!

  • Hi!

    I made a "Screensaver-like" animation using C2, but i didn't know how to make a screensaver from it. Good to know you have the solution!

    P.S. I can't manage to send a donation to you. Paypal interface in your site seems to be broken, since it does not recognize my password.

  • Thanks for the feedback chaps...

    Ah! yes the paypal wasn't working, thanks for pointing that out :)

    Is it working well for you arcalaus?!


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  • OK. I just tested after reading your message and send a small donation to you. It worked.

    Please notice I was scared about having put my paypal password on a form that didn't work. I always double-check the url when paying to paypal, but I changed my password right after the "non-working" payment.

  • Thanks for the donation :)

    Now your registered you'll receive an email about any updates (I have some underway)

    The reason paypal wasn't working is as I created a new account and email address to use but I hadn't actually activated the account via the automated mail from paypal - it was hiding away in the spam box.

    Thanks again and any bugs or features you'd like please do let me know.



  • Implying people still need screensavers. I am really a bit mind blown that some people do use screensavers still, while they ofc reduce screen lifetime (not a big factor) and more importantly waste energy (in comparison to the computer just switching off the display).

  • While I agree, screensavers are still a part of modern computing!

    Although these days your right there not really required to 'save' anything but instead can be used to adopt many other functions.. Corporate branding, information etc etc

  • If you finally add a section with links to screensavers, it could be useful to you visit "". That page has random link to useless flashlike webpages, some of wich are screensavers.

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