Some textures are unrenderable.

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  • After experimenting with the drag and drop behavior for an item UI I have been working on I have come across something interesting.

    Link to cap

    Basically in my main project that I am currently working on I chose to have a main layout for where my game draws and an object library layout where all of my project sprites etc reside.

    The reason for doing so is that my game relies on 5400 randomly generated tiles for each room the player enters. Once the player leaves a room all of the tiles are destroyed and when the new room is randomly generated all the tiles are redrawn. It has been working wonderfully and I encourage anyone curious about the results to check out my progress at

    Anyhow, as previously stated, I am working on my itembar UI at this time and am making use of the drag and drop behavior. As it stands now when my game loads in chrome I am getting:

    PERFORMANCE WARNING: Some textures are unrederable.   

    How much of a performance issue is this? I hope that my cap illustrates what is happening etc.

    PS: I intentionally have a second sprite in the cap that is not created in the first layout which acts similar to the inventory items in my game.

    Oops: to clarify I get this error in my chrome console (CTRL + SHIFT + J) during preview

  • Hm, I'm curious to know what the message means too.

    It only appears in WebGL mode. Canvas2D doesn't bring up the message.

  • I never used the console for "Orbital Bomb-Bounder" Looking at it, I get that error as well, even in the Arcade. It all looks and plays fine though...

  • Chrome Canary doesn't log a warning, and having researched and read a couple of bug reports it sounds like an overzealous warning that they subsequently fixed.

    The supposed reason for the message is in WebGL if a texture is invalid for some reason (wrong settings/filtering/mipmap/breaks POT limitations/etc) then it must instead render as opaque black. The process of swapping the actual texture for an opaque black one when the texture is invalid can take some processing and reduce performance. I doubt this is a problem because we aren't aware of any bugs where textures turn black, so the engine should never be creating or using invalid textures anyway, hence my suspicion that it's a temporarily incorrect warning.

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  • Hey Ashley, I looked at it again in the arcade, and it popped up on the console after the error "card-long.png" and "card-tall.png" failed to load. I don't have either of those in my game.

    Never mind, those were the graphics for embedding the game.

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