Textbox+Phonegap+iOS = works?

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  • I really, really desperately need to know if I can use Textboxes or Podes' Html-Plugin in my Projects.

    As it is now, in the WiFi Live Preview they show up on my iPad, but not on the XCode-Simulator.

    Come on guys, have mercy with me and give me an answer, pleeeaaaaasssssseeeeee!!!

    // Edit with a new Subject to maybe better fit...

  • Really, really sorry to bump it up again.

    I had the impression of the folks here being more helpful, but it seems that users knowing the answer simply don't bother to give even a quick reply. Sad...

  • Ok, seems as if the new Beta solved this issue. Textbox and the Html-Plugin work now.

    Thanks a lot for your massive help I hope not to rely too often on it...

  • If someone had the answer they probably would have replied. But that is an assumption that someone who had the answer saw this. The truth is that hardly anyone uses the phonegap export at this point because performance on it is horrible. CocoonJS is the more widely used option at this point.

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  • Sorry for replying so late, a bad virus forced my complete family down, wished we had more toilets ;(

    Yeah, I was so ambitious and happy to get along so fast with construct that I overlooked the fact that there most be only a few mac users here and then even lesser using phonegap and then even lesser using dom-elements. I got over excited, after having won the struggle with vmware fusion and the live preview and then having phonegap working with construct. Sorry...

    For the type of games I want to make, speed won't make the difference, so I would like to keep the control over the phonegap parameters. And not being able to use the HTML-Plugin in cocoonjs keeps me away from it, too.

    I don't actually know how I will handle ads or no ads right now. There is so much to learn, before even thinking about implementing the game. Image Size, Retina, Aspect Ratio, etc.. but once I have this all sorted out I'm set to go

    Thanks for your reply. I somehow felt as if nobody even tried to help.

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