Text Prompts and CocoonJS

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  • I was getting a slow FPS from Crosswalk so I decided to try recompiling my game with cocoonjs. The FPS jumped up by 10 which is sweet but I lost my text prompt!

    Anyone else see this? Right now my game works perfectly but I can't prompt for initials for high score.

  • the default text input box doesnt work with cocoon js(at least on android), but they have a special function, name cocoon prompt text input you can use.

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  • To make it more clear.

    At this time CJS is a canvas render. Which is only open space of pixel manipulate.

    The text object that shouldn't be used in games so please use spritefont; is infact a DOM object of HTML5 dom rendered.... which isn't part of the canvas rendering.

    So you can't mix DOM and Canvas... actually in fact the last time this question was asked I informed that TextObject because it works on the DOM layer adds a seperate rendering level on top of Canvas. This will hit your performance and games should never use DOM objects.

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