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  • I have been scouring and scrounging around and cannot for the life of me find somewhere that shows how to create a tetris-style game. A friend of mine wishes for me to learn how to do the mechanics for that because he is an artist and wants to make a game. IS there anything I can find where someone is explaining how the things work? Any and all information about this would be greatly appriciated. Thanks so much!

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  • You can download CAPX of R0j0hounds Tetris game from Arcade http://www.scirra.com/arcade/puzzle/1259/tetris

  • I have done that, but my thing is, is that I want to know how and why that works. Its why I like having people do Tutorials. Like The ones that were made by Ashley. Its not that I just want to have the events filled out for me, I want to fill them in myself, but also be able to understand why that works the way it does.

  • Do you have any particular questions on how to do something? I won't be making a tutorial, but I'd be happy to answer questions if I can.

  • A lot actually. If there is a better means of communication that I can get a hold of you with, that would be great, since you are required to have a rep of 500 to send any sort of PM. I said I prefer tutorials because it gives me step by step on how these things work, as well as an explanation on why. I will not be getting a hold of you within the next few hours, seeing it is 3 AM where I am and I work in less then 7 hours, I need to get some sleep.

  • Why not ask here? That way if I'm not available to answer right away other experienced users can answer as well.

  • I apologize for getting back to everyone so late, I have had a lot of work to do. And the reason I don't want to ask here partially is because some of the questions I have may need a deep explanation. And I dont know if you want to post it here. But if here works, that's fine by me. Let me know when you are on and we can discuss this.

  • most programs and engines that are similar to construct 2 use ds grids and ds stacks and ds lists to find formations of objects, but i find them annoying and tedious and difficult to understand just as you do, if there were a simpler way i am sure everyone here would love to know

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  • It's probably unlikely that we'll be on at the same time. But ask anyway, I don't mind long explanations.

  • Here's a different way to do tetris, without any fancy math.

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/542 ... ris02.capx

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