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  • Has anyone been testing your games with IE? Im feeling a bit confused.

    My game is running perfectly in chrome (not surprising), however, with IE (on canvas) even though my fps doesnt drop i still get weird lag (its weird because there doesnt seem to be a notable pattern) - my first thought was that i have too many objects (over 1000 for the demo stage). I deleted a massive chunk of the stage to test it on 300, still the same weird lag.

    Not being technically trained i end up doing a lot of trial and error at this point - and i noticed that if i changed my "Sampling" to point, then all of a sudden it became perfectly smooth (exactly same performance as chrome). After hitting the play button about 5 more times i noticed the lag starting to come back - so then i decided to change the sampling back to linear, Bam! Perfectly smooth again!

    Should the act of changing the sampling back and forth increase the smoothness of the next test play? Or is this a browser issue perhaps?

    Note: the lag im reffering to is like juttery movement - not just of the player but all the images as they scroll onto screen.

  • It's a browser issue. AFAIK chrome is leading the pack when it comes to HTML5 support.

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  • I test all my constructions in IE and get 0 problems.

  • Yeah i havent used firefox yet but chrome is giving me great performance on my system at least.

    Thats good to hear eyeliner, im hoping that its a local issue for me as id really like the game to be playable in IE as well.

    Sometimes it does work fine, its almost like something is draining my system at those times it does lag for IE (not c2 though perhaps another program)I'd start suspecting my antivirus but then my brain would start hurting again.

  • You could try clearing the cache. Also remember Ie9 doesn't support webgl.

    And, 1000 objects is pretty much the max amount of objects you want to use atm, even with hwa, small size images, etc.

  • The sampling mode only affects WebGL, which is not supported in IE9, so it's impossible it has any effect on IE! It must be random, or dependent on something else, and you've accidentally spotted a pattern.

    It's hard to know why IE9 is laggy - if your game is particularly intense in graphics, IE9's renderer is much slower than Chrome and Firefox's because it doesn't support WebGL. Try turning off WebGL and see if the other browsers are equally laggy. If so, you should just recommend your users use a WebGL-supporting browser.

  • Cheers for the responses, i cleared my cache and thanks for the tip Newt - if necc it wont be a problem to reduce it by a couple of hundred just by melding small images into big ones.

    Ah I hadnt thought of that Ashley (thank you), I ran the game in chrome on canvas and it runs pretty much the same as it does in webgl! (hoorah) - with the exception of the area with Yanns fog example. Suprisingly IE handles his effect brilliantly! but i drop about 30 fps with chrome on canvas.

    Lol i give up trying to understand it - least until this demo is out. (Worse comes to worst i need webgl ill still be satisfied).

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