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  • i've created a game before of which code and assets can be bought in my link, but what i want you guys to do is to use this link:

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/136 ... index.html

    to test your PC / mobile / tablet for performance on this. you can open options and enable debug mode in game, also you can turn on / off particles which make a big difference in FPS/cpuutil. game was made 1 big level, initially for PC but it's a good test for everything (you can run the link on android chrome or something..)

    it was exported a few months ago with version (i think 202) (stable)

    post your results and specs here.

    i've got ~ 20- 40 FPS with particles ~ 40% cpu

    and 45 FPS stable without particles ~ 20% cpu

    now some specs (pretty shit pc):

    dualcore 2.6GHz i5-4210m 3.2GHz turbo

    intel HD 4600

    8gb ram 1600mhz 11-11-11-28

  • Hi,

    didn't see an option menu in game

    and also no idea about your button mapping

  • did you run it through chrome ?

    i've been running this in opera (and it works just fine).

    here's the link to image how i see it:


    and as you can see there is "options" menu

    you can set button mappings in options, default are wasd + numpad 4

  • Tried it also in Edge (before in Chrome)

    But because of your screenshot I now know that the label is just invisible but functional (so I can change the options)

    And I am not sure if the numpad is a good idea for a button mapping (think about smaller notebooks).

    In the option menu I see on and off, but no label.

    And I can't exit the option menu, bacause I have no clue where the OK button is.

  • wierd, i had that bug somewhere where you can't see things here's another screenshot of options so you can invisibly navigate XD

    (not sure why that happens though, i could check code when i come home) (it's text i think)


  • so noone tested ?

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  • Got with and without here. I would also recommend changing buttons off numpad. I made that mistake once and someone tested with a laptop then couldn't play it.

    edit: oops specs are

    i7-3820 3.60ghz

    16gb ram

    gtx 770

  • how much fps / cpuutil did you have?

    p.s. you can change keybindings in options :/

  • nvm i got the images now, they weren't showing before.

    20% cpu usage and 60 fps nice.

    why is noone trying this else?

    p.s. if you pick 2 weapon level ups you will shoot sideways + faster too and cause more explosions / more particles / objects, also try HARD (more enemies and stuff - best for test, but hard to win XD)

    cmon guys we need more performance tests! gogogo!

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