Technical Doubt: Volume Control in Opera Mobile

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  • Hi everyone!

    I have been using Construct2 for a while and it has rapidly turn into my favourite tool for anything game related. I've a Personal License and it has proven very useful in a few Game Jams so far.

    Devs, you are doing a fantastic job in taking this tool forward, congratulations.

    I have searched my doubt in the Manual and in the Forums, with no results. I apologize in advance if I didn't search effectively enough.

    Now, I'm making a game for the Construct 2 Newgrounds Jam and I stepped upon a problem, that goes like this:

    My game is based upon real time volume control, and while I can modify the volume (either master or one by one) of the sounds imported in the category Sounds in the Preview on Chrome Desktop, or a final wrap in CocoonsJS, it doesn't really work on Opera in the phone.

    My Android device doesn't really give me any other alternative explorer (doesn't support Chrome and Firefox gives me problems by default), and I cannot go with CocoonsJS and call it a day because that doesn't fit the requirements of the contest.

    My question is simple: Does it work for anyone "Set Volume" on the phone? (More concretely, on Opera Mobile). I don't know if that is just like that or my device is the problematic one, and will be very helpful to clear that up. Basically, if I start a long sound and keep it playing at 15 dB, it wouldn't make any change in the volume if later I change it to 30 or -90 dB, I just hear it the same. In Desktop works perfectly.

    As a test, I created this capx. When you press Toggle Music, it should change the Music to a very low volume or to a normal one. Toggle Sound is the same but with a long sound in that Category.

    Test on Volume Control

    Please tell me the results in your Mobile Browsers, (including if the results are in the Preview for Phone feature or after actually exporting, as in my case actually the Sound don't play at all in the Phone after exporting, but do in Preview) thank you very much!.

  • If it works everywhere except Opera Mobile, it's most likely a problem with Opera Mobile and not a Construct 2 issue. You should probably report the issue to Opera.

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  • Okay Ashley, thank you, and I'll go the Opera Support way when I have more info, but does it work for you in your phone explorer (whichever that is)?

    There is no example of Set Volume for already playing sounds that I am aware of in the official samples, and no specific declaration in the Manual that the feature works in phone explorers, so I cannot assume safely that it works at all in phone explorers if not asking.

    I am more than happy with a "this works in my explorer, which is Chrome for Mobile" response, because that way I can post it knowing that at least part of the players will be able to hear it.

    So please, someone open my .capx, Preview on mobile and tell me if the sounds are toggling "Off" and "On" or not.

    Thank you very much!

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