Tearing/Jerky Performance in R156

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  • I updated to R-156 after reading about improved performance features (which I am always the very most excited about...) but to my dismay, I actually lost performance in my game after the update.

    I was running at a smooth *even buttery* 60 fps with my project, but after the update to r156 I noticed often frequent tearing and herky-jerky stops in the middle of the action, as if the engine were over working itself trying to load new items into the layout...

    I figured this may be whenever a new object is created with or without the turret behavior and the game suddenly jerks and sputters before going into smooth mode again.

    This wouldn't be so bad but I accidentally saved my project in R156 so now I can't revert back to the buttery smooth experience I was having before in r155. :(

    This was almost enough to make me quit until a new update comes out...I was so disappointed...I hope it reverts back to a buttery smooth performance instead of this herky-jerky, stop and go type performance. Now my game seems half as cool as it used to before the update... :(.

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  • Are you talking about a mobile device ? Or on computer ?

    Are you graphic card drivers up to date ?

    It might be worth filling up a bug report rather than just complaining in the open topic.

    It's a good practice to make new saves (not just save the old file in the new version) when updating. I guess you'll remember it in the future.

    There is a way to revert back your project though, as explained in that tutorial.

  • I respectfully apologize for the misplacement of my topic... I just thought since I didn't have a simple 'capx' to show, I didn't know where else to put it...but thanks for the ability to revert back to an older release version...

    It was a strange circumstance that led me to saving over my current project...I just found my fingers pressing the Ctrl+S Buttons quite accidentally, and the project began to save.. In my panic, I contemplated pulling the power cord on my computer, but I didn't think that would be a good idea either...so I just hoped there would arise a solution down the road, so thanks for helping me out...

    And to answer the other questions: It was on desktop which I was testing my project on...Graphics drivers are fully up to date.

    And thank you for the response :D

  • You can open projects you saved in new versions using old versions, just save it as a project (not as a .capx), open the .caproj file and edit this line:


    Of course, in your game it must be 15600 or something.

  • Same stuttering issue noted here, especially in Node WebKit and Firefox. I had a 2048x2048 image in it which, when removed, fixed the problem. I'll try and put together a small example for the bugs if no one beats me to it.

  • Our changelogs are usually comprehensive and there's nothing that changed in r156 that I can imagine having any kind of performance difference of the kind that you describe. The whole build was basically a series of minor tweaks. Which browsers, devices or exports have you tested precisely, and is it the same across all of them?

  • I've been unable to recreate it - I probably wasn't testing thoroughly enough on different platforms / export options so my example could well just be an example of poor memory management on my part.

  • I can only speak for my experience which is based on the Chrome browser using a windows 7 64-Bit PC. I was running it in preview mode.

  • Are there any circumstances when the new collision cells can decrease performance??

  • Collision cells didn't change in r156. Did you try in Internet Explorer and Firefox?

  • I think I know what it could possibly be!!...

    When an object has been given the turret behavior, and the turret behavior has been set to check for a larger range, it then introduces the stuttering/jerky behavior as described before.

    This may be a major source of the problem. Maybe it is checking such a wide range of cells that the performance begins to stutter and have that shaky appearance...I can send you a .capx if you like.

    **Actually, on second thought, it may have more to do with creating lots of new objects very quickly, all I know is the performance is noticeably different in this newest version...even though I'm not really sure what's causing it...:/.

    Thanks for assisting with this in any case!!! :D

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