Too Many TCP Connections to Database

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  • While tracing my ajax connections to the database through chrome, I've found that I have made between 200-500 connections.

    I've included a screen shot showing the tons of connections.

    I just do an Ajax "Request URL" and Ajax "On Complete" then load the last data into an array


    followed by

    set value tokenat(AJAX.LastData,EachX,"|")

    When I start the game I can load many rows of data rows into my array.

    However when I process the rows of data and request more rows, I find I'm having problems with nothing returning from the requests.

    Is this an option somewhere?


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  • Issue was resolved. While waiting for data to return I made far too many additional calls to my database, further down in my code. Once I fixed the logic, the correct data in the proper sequences was returned. I was also able to reduce the number of connects by reducing the number of child processes on my web server.

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