Taskbar in Mac fullscreen appears above game?

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  • When I do fullscreen on a Mac, if I move the mouse to the bottom or top of the screen, the taskbar and dock goes above the game window. My game is a strategy game so one of the methods that players will use to control the camera is by bumping the edge of the screen. Games like Star Craft, Command and Conquer, Warcraft, Dota, LoL, and so on all use this common technique to shift the camera.

    Is it possible to not have the menu/dock stuff appear and break my game? Or is this another browser/nodewebkit limitation? Thanks!

    A screenshot of a C2 game fullscreen on a Mac:

    When I move the mouse to the bottom/top edge of the screen, the game is covered by the dock/taskbar:

  • I haven't tested on a Mac but I think kiosk export mode is supposed to prevent this sort of thing....

    Edit 2 - there's a way to enter and leave kiosk mode while NW is running according to the nw api but I don't see a way of accessing this in the NW object. Ashley - is this hidden in the Browser object when requesting/cancelling full screen, or does that trigger the browser full screen feature of NW (non-kiosk)? If the latter, would it be possible to add these to NW?

  • Colludium, yeah I think "Kiosk" might be useless since that's an export option and not a runetime one.

  • , I should have thought of trying this earlier: use the browser object to execute the javascript commands in my link above. It works on windows so it should work on osx as well .

  • Colludium Thanks! That works perfectly for Mac.

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  • Lol, when I read "screenshot of a c2 game" and saw the picture, I thought it was yours and said damn I'm going to have to step up my game! Then, I realized what it was. Of course, I'm still going to step it up, heh.

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