Can we talk about aspect ratio?

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  • Speaking of mobile, the first issue are the different resolutions, and more specifically in c2 the real issue is the aspect ratio.

    Now I understand that the support of different aspect ratio is not easy, but currently c2 is handling this issue very poorly.

    My journey started in this thread that made me also ask on stack overflow (sorry for my lack of mentioning of c2 but I didn't want the question to get dismissed as "game maker").

    Basically you can't resize the c2 canvas with certainty, the only way is to create an anchor behaviour and then get the size of the stretched sprite because the c2 canvas DO NOT match the windowsize (I think this is for the scaling) in any case doing it with this hack creates all sort of problems which are unpredictable (and that resulted in errors in iOS4.3 and android 2.2).

    Currently in c2 it is not possible to support different aspect ratios, we have to rely on scaling and subsequents horrible whitespaces (which on android are unprofessional, on iOS are immediate ground for rejection) or on building for different resolutions, which by the way is a real nightmare on an interface like c2 where you can't access the code.

    I would like to hear:

    1) Ashley what is your position on this issue and what could we do to mitigate this and what are the consequences of stretching a sprite with anchor and then position elements relative to its position (one of them is for sure the onload event not firing anymore on sprites and this error).

    2) The guys who published on android (@ranma) what did you do for the ratio issues? Did you scale and left the blank space or found other solutions?


    EDIT: A possible solution would be the one corona is implementing. Basically is the same as scale mode but binded to the center. C2 Instead binds the canvas to the top-left corner. If we could have it in the exact center we may create "bleed" graphics like bigger background that do not show normally but only on bigger devices (see the corona link).

  • I like the solution Corona is using, would be very cool to have something like that in Construct.

  • I've managed to create a good solution for this:

    So far didn't run into any bugs!

    Yet I agree: Having a option to center the layout and bleed the remaining space could be very useful.

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  • I love you.

    Disregard what I said and please sticky his solutions because it's a life saver!

  • 0plus1 I love you too, man

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