Tabs position reset at start of software ?

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  • Hi, I've been using C2 a lot for 3 years now, and I'm loving it A LOT ! Working on a point&click on it right now.

    I wanted to report the lack of position save of the tabs

    Through different installations on different computers, the problem remains : the tabs position is not saved when I quit, when you're using split screen (one tab docked on left and one tab docked on right, for example I dock all scenes on left and all sheets on right) their position resets at the next startup and everytime you start to work you lose your organisation and have to spend time to reorganize. Which is a bit annoying and I'm sure, pretty easy to fix.

    (It's just with the tabs, all dialog windows, floating or docked, are correctly saved)

    Is it me ? Is there a feature I didn't get (I swear I searched ! ) and could you explain to me how to fix ?

    Or if not, don't you think it should be a very usefull feature for a professionnal software ?




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