Tablet view is different from Web view.

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  • Resolution: 1280, 800.

    Works perfectly fine on tablet, and when converting to apk file (using Intel XDK), the emulator in Intel XDK shows the same as the web.

    However, on the physical (same tablet as the emulator) does not look the same, words are slightly off the position, certain items are moving faster/slower etc.

    Does anyone have this problem before? I have searched the web for days and could not find a solution.

    Before it was 854, 480. I changed it to 1280, 800 as my other game that is 1280, 800 works well in both web and tablet.

    But it is still having that problem.

    The game works fine, just the text and some items are moving at a different pace.

    For movement, it's a really simple move forward X pixel, all items have the same event, however some move faster/or slower.

    For text, certain text shift its position.

    I am sorry that I can't provide any file for it as it is a school work and was told not to let anyone have the file due to copyright issues as the game will be published by a certain company.

    I apologize in advance if I did not mention any critical point.

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  • Did you use deltatime in your movement events? ... dependence

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