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  • Hi, I just have a very basic question - what PC systems you guys are using for making games out of C2? I'm looking to buy a new laptop pc, and just found a good deal on a Lenovo IdeaPad (3rd Gen Intel Core i3-3227U, 4G Ram) - not sure if that would be a right one to have for making games. I understand this is just a entry-level system, but I'm not making anything big but just some 2D physics games - so I guess it should be good, what's your opinion? Thanks :D

  • That's better than what I have and I can run C2 just fine. I have a Pentium D 3.2 GHz, 4 gigs of ram, radeon HD 5850.

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  • Sure that's fine, I was using it on a terrible old XP laptop for a while and it still worked okay.

    It just depends on what requirements you want your game to have, so something like what you specified is probably good because its a fairly average computer (although the average gaming computer would at least have an AMD or Nvidia card).

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