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  • Hey,

    Would it be possible to add a simple debugging feature to C2 - I'm thinking along the lines of just Console prints - like echo in PHP or System.out.print in java. Just an action called "Print to Console" or something - because as of now in order to check variables you would have to make popups using browser or add unnecessary text objects to the screen - just to be undone after. I don't know if this is possible, but I really hope it is :)


  • My workaround for this right now is to have a "debug" layer, on that layer I add all of my debug info, whenever I am ready to release all I need to do is be sure the debug layer is not visible. I have 1 text object with instance variables to link it to different functions, and 1 sprite with animation frames to have different colors to represent different things while debugging. A in-engine debugging feature would be nice, but with a bit of setup checking things using the tools available isn't super hard.

  • Greg I know its not really super hard, but it would be a lot more practical to have something like this. Its less time consuming, it would obviously have the option to be hidden, and would really make the engine more... engine like.

  • There's also an "is previewing" condition to make it automatic to delete debug objects when running an exported version.

  • Arima Yes, but that would help along what Greg said about his workaround - but the reason I suggested this was so that debugging can be done much easier than making new layers and text things (which takes a bit and is annoying). And it would really help larger projects with lots of variables to keep track of. 10 texts on 1 page and you need to recognize which one is which is sort of "in the way".

  • You don't need multiple text objects or even layers to keep track of variables - you only need one, with something like:

    action: set text to:

    "Variable 1: " & variable1 & newline & (press shift enter here to start a new line in the expression editor - doesn't create a new line at runtime, that's what newline is for)

    "Variable 2: " & variable2


  • Wasn't there a third party plugin that could write to the browser console?

    We want to hold off making a full blown debugger for the time being, because it is an extremely complicated feature which will take a long time to get right. We have to get a few other things sorted first.

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  • Arima but again, that could still be large and disrupt bugtesting. A console would be a lot more practical, but yes, it would definitely work.

    Ashley I found it, and it looks great, thanks!

  • there is?! All I know about is the dialogbox one. Id love to be able to write to the console! I use alert windows for all my debugging lol

  • We should really have a place in the homepage for the plugins ;o

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