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  • I was wondering if you will be adding SWF importing, just for playing animation really, For example I have a program Motion Studio 3D which creates 3D logos,Animation etc but to export as PNG's or GIF's animated they become too big for a good quality animation.

    One i did is on my Construct Competition Entry and it's a SWF file 614k the gif version is 1.13mb twice the size, so i didn't put it in as a intro screen on my game. I put it in the HTML but would have liked it in my game as an intro screen.

  • Yo dawg, he wants to put a swf in his capx, so he can flash, while he constructs.

    Actually, not sure exactly what you want to do here. Using flash within the canvas kinda negates the idea of "no plugins". Then if instead you wanted a way to convert that animation to something C2 could use your kinda out of luck as it converts all images to png. Unless its a vector, which might be doable in the future, but the animation of vectors is a bit iffy.

  • It's just a animation size thing really, as SWF is alot smaller, For intros etc.

    I don't understand what you mean by NO Plugins...? it already uses plugins..

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  • SWF is flash. So it requires you to download a plugin for the browser before it can display the animation.

    Canvas don't handle swf or flash, it totaly defeats the purpose of HTML5.

  • I see, what about Higher compression then, as to have a good quality and size Animated Gif or PNG's they can take alot of space up and more downloading..?

  • I think the best approach is to just make a neat intro using events and behaviours in Construct. Me and Yann had some testing and the results were great, you can see an example in his compo entry.

  • Yeh nice intro.

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