Swapping from top down to side scrolling?

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  • I was wondering if it's possible to have an even that swaps a games mode? For example your roaming around on a top down view landscape... You say find a cave , go in and then the game swaps to a side scrolling adventure. You complete this, exit the cave and your back to your top down view again.

    I know that separately these are possible, just wanting to know if I can have both in a single game and swap as needed like the example above

    Thanks guys!

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  • yes you need to have 2 layouts, 1 for the map or the topdownview like you say, and 1 for the sidescrooling area /dungeon,

    you can also do it in the same layout, on different layers, however it will be to complicated and probably youl get confused at some point in development when stuff will be to crowded, but the same layout suggestion ,i dont think is recommended since all the objects wold be present there and the resources utilisation wold explode.

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