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  • Another developer and I have been using SVN with construct 2 for some time (over 100 commits) and almost every time we end up with a conflict due to the .caproj file. This usually turns into a huge ordeal and is very painful. Now we have been just not committing it and just committing the .xml's. The problem is that I have all these .xml's for event sheets/layouts from my partners work that I cannot open because my .caproj doesn't recognize them.

    Is there a way to manually import event sheets and layouts? Or even better have the .caproj automatically recognize all the .xml's in the Event Sheets and Layouts folder and such. This is a huge problem with using SVN for Construct 2 projects.

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    Ashley put up a tutorial on this. Which also mentions wich files shouldn't be in the svn and various practices. Haven't done this myself as of yet :(

  • That's odd. I use git for my projects and so far so good. Nothing's wrong, I can fallback to any revision without any problem. I also make branches for every feature I need to make and that too have no problem (moving between branches, merging 2 branches together, etc).

    Is the problem when opening a caproj file, maybe due to conflict resolution, or something else? caproj are just xml, you can edit it on Notepad to have a look. You can also do that for events and layout, but be careful, you might cause the project to not open if you made a mistake editing..

  • The .caproj is changed when you add object types, families and so on. Providing you don't both add or remove these things at the same time before committing, you should never conflict the file. Even if you do, it should be a lot simpler to fix than you describe - for example, you just need to include the XML from both files if you both added a new object type.

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