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  • Hello: I'm pretty new here, stumbling around and trying to find some basic guidelines. I've searched the forums on SVG (scalable vector graphics) files but not really sure C2's ability to generate / deal with them. I'm looking for a way to generate some simple animations in SVG and give the user the ability to control them via a 'stop' or 'replay' button, otherwise the anim just loops repeatedly. Does C2 have any capabilities in this area, or if not, any suggestions on what I should be using that doesn't take a masters degree to utilize? I have some older animations done in autodesk animator originally (yes, I am old too) then in animated gif or bitmap sequences that I'd like to retain.



  • I'm pretty sure C2 wont deal with SVG files at all. In fact you'll struggle to find any game engines that do. The closest software with SVG support that I can think of is Flash professional.

  • Actually I just did a search and it looks like there is a SVG plugin ->

    Not sure exactly what it does but it might be worth a look.

  • I tried using the plugin, but the svg doesn't layer with sprites

    I heard you can replace the final PNG files in the export with SVG files. but that's a pain in the long term development. also I'm not sure if browsers are 100% ideally supportive of SVG performance.

  • If you want to use vector graphics on Canvas, try to consider this framework

    Sorry, I have no big experience how to make Javascript SDK using this framework.

  • Pode's SVG plugin is cool, but yeah, it isn't quite up to the job. There is also a polygon plugin that give you vector shapes, but also has some limitations... you only really get scalable shapes if you make sure you don't give them outlines... (outlines apparently get rendered as a texture or something, so scaling causes pixellation) so it can only really be used for simple solid shapes with flat colours... among other problems.

    Anyway, since it is apparently possible to swap your PNG files for SVG files after exporting, then surely it can't be too much trouble to incorporate official support somehow. Would like to hear what Ashley thinks about it, in terms of how realistic a request this is.

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  • All : the deal breaker with SVG is that when SVG is drawn on the canvas, the <canvas> become tainted and can't be retrieved with "toDataURL()" (meaning when can't get back the canvas as an image). That's why I stopped working on it. And the Chrome isn't planning to change that because they consider it's a potential security fault.

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