suspending game on mobile creating bugs in HTML

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  • Hi All,

    I have a problem with overlaying HTML forms on top of suspended Construct2 games, and wonder if anyone has any advice.

    The situation is as follows:

    I have an HTML lobby containing many games: some are pure JS and some are C2.

    From within the game, the player can open a few HTML forms: Register, Deposit, Change Password etc.

    Now, while the flow works fine with the JS games, with C2 games I get a few problems, which, I should mention, take place on mobile devices ONLY.

    On PC everything works perfectly:

    1. When opening an HTML form from within a C2 game (the game is being suspended) the form input text fields are almost not responsive. It takes a VERY long press on such a field to get a focus-in.

    2. Further more, when I click a submit button I can see network activity is taking place - yet nothing happens.

    Only when i press the "Go"/"Done" button on the keyboard, is the data actually submited, the form closes and the game resumes.

    I haven't got the first clue on what the problem might be, and would really appreciate any help.

    Thank you!

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