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  • So I realize this is a problem for anyone developing a windows 8 app and expecting it to work on the RT line. The performance is terrible. I get about 65 FPS when I test a native app on my win 8 computer and about 55 on android devices with crosswalk. On my surface rt it runs around 25fps and drops to a craw around 15 sometimes. Anyone have any ideas on how to improve Performance on the Surface line?

    My app uses Physics and Text objects and Ill probably switch to using sprite font but I want to keep using the physics engine.


  • try using asm engine. also try to reduce physics count of objects. use rotation / flipping / cloning to maximize minimum amount of objects that use physics.

  • The older Intel Atoms are just really bad, terrible GPUs on them.

  • Ok I don't use rotation flipping or cloning. There are usually only 10 or so sprites on the screen. How do i use the ASM engine?

  • When I turned off WebGL my RT ran my game faster.

    The ASM is for physics. It is an option you can turn on in the C2 editor...I think at the project level.

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  • Yeah I see ASM now. Thanks. How would you go about Turning off WebGL?

  • So changing to ASM.js had no positive results and frame rates. They seemed to go down a little. I even tried to remove some of the cloud sprites that where being created every 3 secs and moved them to every 7 and it slowed some on my surface. I thought that was funny.

  • The WebGL option is right there by the ASM option.

  • I did see some benefit from turning off WebGL. I got up to 33 FPS but it at times still dropped to 18 and sometimes 8 really getting choppy. Ill see about switching to ASM with WebGL off.

  • Then you probably want to check the basics.. filter the events so they only happen when you really need them to (by default things happen every tick i.e. 60 times per second)... it is better to do things every X seconds if you can.... also do not use 512 x 512 sprites that you then scale down to 64x64 at runtime... that type of stuff.

  • Things really did improve after I switch off WebGL. I'm maintaining about 25FPS and the game is playable though not too smooth. I did take all my collisions and put them in a deactivated state and set and overlap at a distance of -15px and +15px X and Y to activate/deactivate. That did work and Im sure when more enemies are on the screen it will help but there was no discernible improvement in FPS.

    Im going to add some speed to the controls to see if that makes things seem less slow.

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