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  • Hi folks,

    I'm currently working on a sequel to a game nobody here has heard of (Flags of Doom, a reasonably popular Klik and Play game from the early 90's which I created with a couple friends in high school). I'm going for a bit of an open-ended puzzle platformer inspired by Jumpman for the C64 but in my own terrible art style.

    I just paid for the personal version as I had reached the 100 event limit and hadn't yet set up all the basics.

    I just wanted to state my strong desire to see a save-system that covers all objects and variables. I know it's possible to construct your own from scratch, I know even a lot of the way to do this, but for my purposes, an all-in-one would be a huge time-saver, as well as possibly more versatile and less cluttered than the behemoth I would have to cobble together.

    It needs the choice of saving either instance or global variables (or both), as well as all statuses of all objects. The more options the better.

    Reading previous discussions on this subject and knowing that someone is actively working on this for a future version is one of the main reasons I decided to actually pay for my license. I tried constructing one in another excellent program, and the complexity for my non-programmer brain was enough to make me switch and start from scratch.

    I humbly ask that save-state be bumped, if possible, up the to-do list. It's built in on many other programs, and I would love to see it here before I finish my current long-term project.

    Also I have to commend the team/community here. Great tutorials, great examples, excellent plugins and a very robust product. A lot of what I was trying in other programs that just didn't work or worked very awkwardly was easy to implement and much less buggy in Construct 2. Bravo!

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  • A full save state feature is on the todo list, although I'm afraid we can't give any ETAs for when specific features will arrive. In the mean time WebStorage suffices for simpler games, but like you describe the full-state save/load is pretty essential for bigger games.

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