Support for Leap Motion controller?

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  • Hi everyone,

    you probably have heard of the Leap Motion controlled by now; the sensors of this little cutie pie recognize a point cloud just above the peripherals, so in a nutshell it recognizes hand movement and pointing up to more than ten fingers at once. It's highly responsive, the design is slick and it's cheap.

    I wouldn't consider it as a touch replacement for everyday activity as it isn't nearly as precise as I would have hoped, but as far as gaming possibilities go it has got tons of potential; actually Double Fine just released Dropchord for it and it's


    As Construct 2 is already focused on multitouch controls it would seem only natural to extend its functionalities for desktop solutions, so I was wondering if there were any plans for its implementation.

    Prior to this topic I also did a search on the forums but the only vague post I could find was written more than a year ago, back when the peripheral was still unreleased, and received no replies... so I thought it would be ok to write a new updated topic now that the peripheral has been released and widely recognized (they claim one million downloads after only three weeks from its release, so it has already got a sensible userbase).

    Here there is my

    , and the official


    (I also found an outdated link to github pointing to a Construct 2 plug-in for Leap Motion by Robert K. Pauls, but alas it leads to a 404 error!)



  • (bump)

  • I love the Leap, I also love Sixsense, and a major proponent for Kinect and the Wiiremote. And the overal impression I get from most(not all). is that if the controller doesn't work like the 360 controller. Then there is a sorta meh attitude :( If it's popular enough it will get support, but otherwise don't expect to much.

    However, there is still very strong support for alternative input methods among them Ashley seems to be one of them :) So who knows maybe the Leap someday. but it also comes down to market penetration. If Leap the company managed to pack the technology into the base of laptops and packaged with computers. Then that would make huge difference.

  • If there isn't a way to get input data in to a web page via a browser, we can't support it.

  • wow, it would be so cool, if C2 would support it.

  • Self corrected due to error.

  • My chrome cast supports leap motion and there is already an extension for chrome(unofficial) so I�m sure it will not take very long until leap motion will be supported ;)

    I made one small plugin with the chrome extension but you can only move the viewpoint a bit and it is at the moment very laggy. As soon as something official is coming I will make a plugin for that ;)

  • I'm crossing my fingers for that and ordering one - so many new interaction possibilities.

  • f there isn't a way to get input data in to a web page via a browser, we can't support it.

    Fortunely it should be absolutely possible, and officially supported via a SDK, as actually lots of web-apps and web-games for Leap Motion are popping out!

    Developer start guide: (includes SDK for Javascript)

    The following blog post shows some web apps (using HTML5 and Javascript API, some of them 2D, others 3D with WebGL):

    #FirstLeap: 5 Interactive Websites for Leap Motion

    And here there is a more robust HTML5 example with Leap Motion support:


  • Wow, this is pretty cool for being only $90. I might pick one of these up.

  • If there isn't a way to get input data in to a web page via a browser, we can't support it.


    What do you say?

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  • +1

    yes! leap motion looks nice to game and interaction.


  • I would love to have leapmotion controls :D

    Tried myself to do a plugin, but im not good at it :/

  • It seems like I'm about to get a leapmotion in a few weeks, so support for that in C2 would be rad.

  • My leap motion came in (I got it as a prize from a hackathon), and it's super cool, and I'd love to develop for it. Will it be possible for C2 to read its data, per what Joannesalfa suggested on September 8?

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