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  • Hi there,

    Just had a question, i was doing functions in my app and using local variable to actually put param values and do some calculation before doing more event.

    If you look in B, the idea was to set variables.. is there a more suited event than checking if QueryMessage is empty to do thoses action ? Not a big deal but i would have prefered to avoid a string check here since its ugly even if that is working. Also forget about A in the picture lol that just that i though to add thoses actions here but its not possible since the local var are not in the scope.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    In case your wondering what this function is, i was doing experiment with a complete WebSocket client (for my WebSocket server) built from 1 year of research in a previous project and i wanted to know if Construct 2 would be able to handle this design aswell. So far i think it can which is wonderful! The way this software work is so intuitive..


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  • You can use a blank sub-event. At this point, if you carefully select the QueryMessage="" condition, and not the whole event, you can press delete, and you'll have a blank sub-event.

  • Oh thanks!

    Also that probably what explain if i disable only the condition the rest of the actions will still be executed.

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