How suitable is Construct 2 for video heavy projects?

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  • I've been working on a multimedia heavy project, with dozens of video sequences in a 1280x720, webm format. The videos will be included with the finished product, so streaming isn't an issue for me. I'm only somewhat familiar with construct/html5, but I love the easy to use interface, so I'm hoping someone with more experience can tell me if construct is a good fit for a project like this, or if I'm asking too much, and should switch to a different engine.

    I figure it's best to ask about this sooner rather than later, so I'm not redoing everything.

    Edit: I should mention I'm using 4-5 videos per layout at the most, and I'll only have a single sequence playing at a time, but I figured it's still a good idea to ask.

  • Testing something like that is pretty straight forward.

    I will say the engine doesn't matter, but the target platform does.

  • I'm targeting pc first and foremost; if I can get it running smoothly on mobile, I'll consider it a nice bonus.

    And yeah, I've been testing it out, and so far things seem pretty good. I'm just unfamiliar with how html5 handles video, so I'm worried I'll get some unforseen complications as I introduce longer, higher bitrate videos. If it's not at all an issue, then that's awesome, because I've always preferred construct over the alternatives.

  • Video is streamed, so there shouldn't be any issues with memory, but multiple instances will complicate things.

  • Good to know. Would it be better to have a single video object, and just change it's source file, rather than have multiple video objects in a single layout? Like I say, I'll only ever have a single video visible and playing at a time, so I'm not sure which is better.

    Thanks for answering my questions by the way; this is exactly the stuff I wanted to know.

  • I'm not sure many people have tried what you are suggesting, so I'd recommend running some tests with C2 using lots of video in various browsers and see how it fares.

  • A single instance would be the best choice imo.

    If you need a visual representation of the vids, a thumbnail png would be doable .

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  • So far, I've noticed a second long pause after a video finishes in Firefox and

    chrome for some reason, which makes testing a bit annoying, but I've had no issues at all when exporting with node webkit, which is the one I'm really worried about working smoothly, since I'd ideally like to try and get it on Steam. Thanks for all the answers guys!

    By the way, the project I'm working on is sort of a Myst clone, but I'm using real world photos and videos instead of pre-rendered graphics.

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