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  • I often need to use the same actions for many different objects (though I don't think using Families are the best solution for my case).

    Therefore, I create an action for an object (with a possibly complex and extensive paramater). Then, I must copy this extensive parameter and then do it all over again.

    1) Click on Add Action.

    2) Choose the other object

    3) Choose the same action

    4) Pasting the parameter

    This is very annoying. I think, after duplicating an action, there should be an option to just switch the object who "owns" that action. That way, my "work sequence" would be:

    1) Click on Add Action

    2) Choose an object

    3) Choose an action

    4) Type extensive and complex parameter

    5) Duplicate this action n times

    6) Change the action's object for each copy of the action

    Another useful feature (but maybe not very easy to implemente) is action multi-editing. Suppose you have these actions:

    Sprite1 set opacity to X

    Sprite2 set opacity to Y

    I would like to select both actions, click edit and whatever I choose as the new opacity should apply to both actions.

    Thank you,


  • For your first one, that is what functions are for, you create the function that does the action, then from each of your objects/sprites, simply call the function. No need to implement the same actions on multiple objects again and again.

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  • It also sounds like you should just be using families... they're designed to avoid that kind of repetition!

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