Suggestion:- Toggle Button for Collision Box in Ed

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  • Hey everyone... I was just messing around as usual today in the best program in the world when I realized that having a Toggle Switch to show all of the Collision Boxes in The editor on screen would be a handy tool for aligning stuff making sure that you dont have gaps or holes etc...

    Some Other editors have this ability..

    What I mean is NOT only in the EDIT IMAGES popup dialog but also a toggle for the whole LAYOUT in the editor check for overlaps etc

    I think it would help isolate issues quickly and assist in optimizing production time...

    I understand it may lagg the memory possibly but as a toggle button would be handy to see where your Collision meshes overlap and where they dont...before you play test...

    Any chance its possible with C2?

    I dont see why it would hurt ..

    What do others think?

    Would you find this feature handy?



    C2 is made of stuff, LEGENDS are made from... <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Yep, been requested before, on the todo list already.

  • Yay!!! You are the best..!!huge cheezy grin <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Until such time, what I have done in the past is, first Save, then go into the Anim editor and draw lines where my collision paths are. I can now see any gaps. Reload the saved version and fix the gaps.

    A Little tedious, but it helps.

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  • Yes..Paradox.. I had thought of that..I sometimes use.that practice for path tools..but the sheer volume of images I use daily, its just impractical... The toggle although a seemingly minor feature would save hours of time...which means more creating..less tedium....can focus on the creation...Ashley is brilliant genius...i know he has already probably dreamed up 20 or so brilliant ideas to get around idea was just shortcut to somewhere...I am sure there could be a thousand other uses of the collision box that we haven't stumbled on yet for design purposes...its a brilliant system..I do often like to ponder its deeper mysteries...what if the world had no collision boxes!!!? We would all be one super big/small being with one hey....i mean in reality there is no such thing as a collision box...we have Atomic Bond Force strength that prevents objects from immersing or overlapping....break or synchronize that Bond magnetic field and you get grey goo masses..:P but yes there must be countless uses of the collision mesh idea other than how we already use it...Whole other genres of ..Such a small feature but so many uses....I must say I am astounded by the applications that can be found when you look at all of the behaviors etc that are already in place...C2 is like a huge box of surprises.....endless possibilities..and just when you develop one idea. you stumble upon 20 others that are even cooler...

    I think Ashley is secretly a Super Genius but he isn't telling anyone...:)

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