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  • Hi

    Just a suggestion... I know that the development team is small and as such rather busy... so would it not be a good idea if there was a subforum where people could list their "wish list" "suggestions" "grips" etc?

    Perhaps the moderators could then collectively decide if the idea has any merit and then place it (perhaps better worded) into a holding area (for ALL to see, so to avoid lots of duplication).

    From this area the team can then look at into them as a when they have a chance and decide if they wish to implement or not.

    I (as a complete noobie) have made several suggestions and or possible nice to have's, as have others.(Anything which means more people find it easier to use ultimately makes it more popular..! so in effect we can all collectively help one another.

    If not my worry, is overlooking ideas and indeed lots of wasted forum duplication...

    So my suggestion... a supervised suggestions area (perhaps even some way to vote or order them in most importance to end users?)


  • I'm pretty sure the team have had no need or desire to implement this as their todo is is so huge...

  • Yup , And Stop asking those question , Ashley said it , and re-said it , The list is private and too big to accept any more suggestion ... Chances that yours are in the list too ....

    Live with it ... Or make a plugin and perhaps help the community :D !

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  • Whiteclaws play nice.

    construct2dsjp there are a lot of feature requests. From my experience Ashley reads the ones on the general forum and if deemed low-risk and immediately beneficial then they sometimes get integrated for the next release. Creating a new forum will just take more time away from the already big feature list :)

    I'd recommend posting in the 'How do I' section with your specific problem. I've found a lot of the time you can just be approaching something from the wrong angle and the functionality is actually already integrated.

    Hope this helps.

  • Ashley and Tom,

    This has gone on too long its time to remove Whiteclaws from the community!

  • It was only a suggestion... and there is no need to get personal

    I thought maybe some more qualified individuals could Help and filter through things, so the development team didn't have to read through everything and thus lighten their load!

    this was my point, for the future and effective communications.


  • I've said this before in other threads, but basically our todo list is always huge anyway so we can't easily take on big new features. I wouldn't say we don't accept *any* new suggestions because we can do small things or really important things. Also about 2/3 suggestions are things already on our todo list. So I don't think there's much to gain by having a way to make our todo list even longer.

  • Can we maybe have a sticky thread saying there won't be a suggestion forum before whiteclaws explodes?

    I still think there's merit in at least having a single sticky thread for it where people can post too (like the "What shader effects do you want"?" thread), if not to cut down on the number of repeated posts of the same ideas, but also for plugin makers to get ideas.

  • Yup , And Stop asking those question , Ashley said it , and re-said it , The list is private and too big to accept any more suggestion ... Chances that yours are in the list too ....

    Live with it ... Or make a plugin and perhaps help the community :D !

    Whiteclaws - you're talking to one person like they're all the people on the forum, which they're not. We're getting lots of new users here who haven't been reading every thread on the forum, and so don't know the question or suggestion has been asked/made before. I asked you before to please refrain from using an exasperated tone in this manner, and I ask you again please refrain from doing it further, as it bothers the other forum members. We want to maintain the friendly atmosphere!

  • I'm really really sorry to all of the people I made angry , Don't mind me I'm not getting mad on no one , That's just my natural tone and English is not my native Language , I was here to help from a long time ago and I never wanted other than help people .... I never want to make people feel bad ... I'm another time really really sorry ....

  • Whiteclaws - No worries, no serious harm done. Just something to keep in mind. Thanks for acknowledging it.

  • If construct 2 is to be continued to be taken seriously I think you oughta consider another full time developer. You may want to keep it small-team based but I feel it would be far more beneficial. The main problem would be financial, which I have no information on.

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