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  • Hey, I'm saying this as a suggestion, but I think that being able to choose a sprite's default animation depending on its UID would be nice.

    What I mean is that, let's say I have a monster. I copy/paste it and create a new animation for the second monster to be slightly different. (Because, I already coded the first one, and don't wanna bother creating an other object, or a whole family.

    I could create an instance variable named "DefaultAnimation" and make it using events (I already do that), but in the editor, I have no way to tell what copy will launch with what animation visually without having to click on it.

    Let's take an exemple:

    http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/201 ... -20-18.png

    Here is a level in my game. Here I have 3 screens, each is displaying a different animation, but I have no way to tell which one unless I click on it, look what it's default animation in the instance variables is, and then open the sprite animation editor and look for the named animation.

    It would be nice if there was a way to change a sprite's default animation (and thus how it looks in the editor) without having all of the other ones changed as well.

  • In the editor you can set 'Initial animation' in the propertys of sprite (somewhere near the bottom). 'Initial animation' = private.

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  • O_O. Oh my god.

    That made not only my day but my whole life!

    Thank you . Much love.

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