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  • Hi,

    I would really appreciate the option of using the original image when importing files.

    I've noticed that sometimes Construct 2 imported files are between 10% and 500% larger in filesize compared to the original.

    example: I have a background image that is a 145Kb 32b PNG when saved from photoshop. When I import it into construct2 it becomes 745Kb...

    Same happens with small files. 70Kb becomes 99Kb, 15kb becomes 20Kb, 13Kb becomes 15Kb.

    I have to manually replace and rename the images in the project folder one by one to get the smallest filesize possible.

    Sometimes filesize is equal, sometimes construct compresses slightly better, sometimes it blows up the filesize.

    A 'keep original' setting would be beneficial to resolve the latter.

  • When you import images it convers to PNG-32 to guarantee that editing is lossless. There is no point trying to replace the files in the project yourself - it will recompress everything upon export and get much smaller file sizes. Try exporting with image recompression enabled and it should be as small again - if not, even smaller.

  • Thanks for your reply Ashley!

    I was looking at the 'Approx. download:' text in the status bar at the bottom of the window. Assuming this is reliable I noticed that I could reduce that by a lot by replacing the images (ie 000.png) by original ones manually. The image I import is a PNG-32 to begin with , so I fail to see why this happens. It is a different compression when editing and runtime than when exporting?

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  • It asks Windows to compress the PNG, and it doesn't do the best job. But it doesn't matter because it runs all the PNGs through much better tools on export. The 'Approx download' field is not reliable, it's just a ballpark guess, since it can't anticipate what the export-time compression will result in. If you want to know an accurate figure, export the project!

  • Thanks for the explanation!

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