[suggestions] my wishlist for C3.

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  • I am not sure if these suggestions are being read by the crew, but at least it's documented

    Here are a few features suggestions I would love to see in C3, some small but I believe very useful.

    1. It would be nice to be able to cycle through a sprite's animation frames from the object proprieties panel, the usual numeral textbox up and down arrows could do the trick, animations list would also be great

    2. Drag and Drop behavior, select picking method, z-order/closest to touch, when dragging overlapping objects, the drag and drop behavior select the top instance out of the bunch, in most cases I rather it select the closer object to touch x y.

    3. Having more than one image source for tilemap/tiled-background/9-patch and the ability to select it in the layout editor.

    4. Animated tiles / tiled sprites.

    5. a button for resting a sprite instance to original image size (in layout editor).

    6. setting index.html html/body background color from project properties.

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  • Point 5 is there

  • Point 5 is there

    Damn how did I missed that

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