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  • Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to suggest several changes that could help quite a bit as far as level design and project handling are concerned.

    Selecting multiple assets in project explorer

    • A way to select and move multiple assets at once in the project explorer would be super nice : on a big project with many assets, ordering and moving them one by one isn't practical at the moment.

    Layout view : mouse cursor based zoom

    • It could be nice if we could zoom towards the mouse cursor instead of always in the center : if you level becomes a little bit big, the fastest way to navigate through it in the editor is to ctrl shift de-zoom and re-zoom.

    Additive box selection

    • Right now when we box select, we cannot shift box select and add new areas to the selection. We have to box select and then shift select each asset one by one. Shift box selecting for additive selection would be a nice added value.

    A grid pow? slider

    • A slider to quickly set the grid to pow? values could help (from 1*1 to 256*256 for example), as these are basically the main key values used in 2d game dev. This isn't very important but could prove practical sometimes.

    Kind regards,


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  • Bump for some feedbacks because I am also quite interested in these potential changes.

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