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  • I believe Construct2 should have some additional native functions:

    1) Explosion for physics

    2) Climb ladders for platform

    3) Layout transitions

    4) Export to Flash ( HTML 5 is cool but there are thousands of sites that only accept games in Flash )

    5) Pause the game when the user clicks outside the layout

    6) A better way to pause the game, events and behaviors

    7) Easy way to copy sub-events in the event sheet

    * If I remember something I will add to the list.

    PLEASE leave your comments with features you'd like to see in Construct2.

  • 1. You can do easily with events

    2. You can do relatively easily with events (I think this is in the FAQ, and maybe the explosion too)

    3. That would be nice, but you can fake it pretty well ATM.

    4. This is practically impossible. Flash is dying anyway.

    5. Could be useful, I guess... However I think you can actually do it with events by comparing the mouse X and Y.

    6. If you use dt properly, this should work fine...

    7. I find copying events easy... what do you mean?

    Just my thoughts ;)

  • In the beginning of my post I said "additional native functions"

    It's not that I don't want to work, it's because the code would cleaner with native functions.

    I don't think Flash will die anytime soon. Also, actionscript and javascript come from the same place, ECMAScript. So, I don't think it'd be that hard to do it.

  • I understand, unfortunately implementing features like explosions or ladders create so much work for Scirra as everyone wants to implement things like these slightly differently. It would probably be better for them to spend their time on things that cannot be replicated by events.

    Regarding Flash, It seems to me that Scirra's whole business plan is that HTML5 will take over Flash fairly soon. It would not make sense for them to spend 6+ months making a Flash exporter, unfortunately.

  • hmm flash is already dead in mobiles ^^ have you see this??

    adobe is not going to support flash anymore so just wait all the websites , all of them will put html5 as soon as they can.

  • I'm talking about computers. Not all the countries are developed like The United States. There are some countries that even the internet broadband is very slow, so imagine cellphones.

    I don't care about Flash, I'm just saying that this should be an export option in case you need a Flash file.

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  • Generally our attitude is that if something is trivial with events we will not add it as a native feature. We are trying to make a developer tool which provides you with the building blocks to do what you want - not a cookie-cutter engine which makes identical games. Especially in the case of pausing, that's already one action (set timescale to 0), so I can't actually imagine how we could make that any easier!

    We know many sites out there are Flash only, but we are a 2-man company and simply don't have the resources to rewrite our engine in Flash. Besides Flash has already been abandoned by Adobe on mobile so we're convinced it will by overtaken by HTML5 in future (if not already on mobile!). So I cannot see any good reason for us to do it at all since by the time we're done it could be totally obsolete. I'm sure in time Flash-only sites will move over to HTML5 - Kongregate already support HTML5 games, for example.

  • Ashley

    I didn't create this post to criticize the product.

    In fact, I love the product. It's really awesome.

    I created this post because I saw some things that I needed and I thought it was a good idea to have featured on the product.

    Again, I don't care about Flash but it's widely used for gaming sites.

    HTML5 is the future but we need to take of the present as well :)

  • Thousands of sites that only accept Flash games? Can you list them? The only one of worth is surely Newgrounds; and we never know what the future holds for them.

    HTML5 has the backing of Facebook, Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple; I can't think of any platforms bigger that don't allow HTML5.

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