Suggestions 5-10-2012

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  • Hi.

    Today i have 2 suggestions for Construct2

    1: A global 'is dragging' condition.

    (With this we can measure if "something" is being dragged, rather than needing to specify which object is being dragged.

    This comes in handy when we have lots of objects using dragging behaviours in a layout.

    So we can measure dragging in general when needed, instead of individual.)

    2: UI! Option to set the event editors scrollbar to the left side instead of the right side.

    (This enables us to work faster because most of the mouse clicking etc is done on the left side of the screen when in the event editor.

    If we want to scroll down faster then using the mouse wheel we need to use the scrollbar.

    So placing the scrollbar on the left side can be a great help in maintaining speed when eventing.)

    Kind Regards


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  • 1: can't you create a family with a Drag & Drop behavior, add all the objects you're interested in to the family, then test if that family is being dragged?

  • Thats a great idear that helps me at this point.

    Thanx Ashly

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